Dog Obesity Drug

Fat dogIn case you needed any more proof that Americans are pet crazy, the FDA has approved a weight-loss drug for dogs. (I really wish the FDA would spend a little more time approving human drugs rather than dog drugs.) It’s been obvious for some time to even the most casual observer that pets are a big business in the US. Owners are willing to spend more and more money spoiling and anthropomorphizing their dogs and cats and no end is in sight. It can be hard to find a business application for some trends, but here it seems pretty simple – make lots of stuff about pets, for pets, and for their owners.

This obesity “epidemic” in dogs seems to pretty closely mirror the same “epidemic” among humans. This shouldn’t be surprising since a dog’s behavior is determined by its owner’s. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that overweight dogs frequently have overweight owners. Then again, as someone who was drafted by the audience for a dog/owner lookalike contest, perhaps I should tread carefully here!

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