Love It Or Hate It, The XO is Here

When I first saw a PC running Windows, I thought that I would be better off not using it because I would eventually lose the understanding that DOS gave me of how a computer really works. Today, I realize how utterly ridiculous that notion is. Why did I think that typing “mkdir” into a DOS […]

When is a Prius Like a Lightbulb?

More evidence of the limited market for a product whose only point of differentiation is its “greenness” comes from Saturday’s Washington Post. As automakers introduce new alternative fuel vehicles at next week’s Detroit Auto Show, actual demand for the vehicles remains low: Only a small fraction of the cars on the roads are hybrids and […]

Is this the Final Nail in the Newspaper Coffin?

Through comes news of a $100mm funding round for Plastic Logic, a UK company, to build a factory for the production of flexible active-matrix displays. “Flexible active-matrix displays” is another way of saying thin sheets of flexible plastic with the ability to display text and graphics. A major advantage of newspapers (and books, for […]

OED Goes Wiki!

Well, not really but, as NPR reports, it “is turning to the public for help in tracking the origin of commonly used words with mysterious origins.” This is the second time The Oxford English Dictionary and the BBC have asked Britons (and the world, really) for help. Actually, from the What’s Old is New Department […]

Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc. Misses an Opportunity

Newspapers are popular targets these days, and others have truer aim than I. Nonetheless, events at my hometown paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, make commenting on them difficult to resist.The Inquirer announced this week that it laid off 68 newsroom employees or a little less than 2.5% of Philadelphia Newspapers’ total workforce (7.5% of the unionized […]


From the New York Times today comes the news that Wal-Mart will put it’s merchandising muscle behind energy efficient light bulbs known as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). These lights cost 8 times as much as traditional bulbs, but save consumers $30 over the life of the bulb. The article relates a trip made to the […]

Bowl Games and Market Forces

On this day, the day created for college football bowl games, it only seems appropriate to take a look at what lessons can be learned from the bowl business. An article in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal discussed how the proliferation of bowl games has made it difficult for many teams to sell tickets. The executive […]