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basalesJust a couple of weeks ago I wrote about grafitti’s (not recent) move into the mainstream. As if on cue, I see this January article from the Telegraph, discussing the high prices of graffiti art. From the article:

The die-hards will say it’s a sell-out, but it’s a sign of the times. Graffiti art has shifted: from back alleys and railway carriages to high-street galleries; from vandal status to cultural worship; from the unsaleable to the hip consumer product.

With works selling for thousands, and tens of thousands, of pounds, this art style is ready to influence the design of mass market products.

From Artnet News comes word of the launch of Slart, a magazine covering Second Life art. Slart is

designed to bring ‘real world art issues’ into the virtual sphere, and to make sense of an imaginary art scene that already involves some 100 online galleries. Among the articles on tap for the premiere issue are ‘Will virtual artworks appreciate in value?’ and ‘Is all virtual art illustration?’

Many believe that Second Life’s influence on our First Life is overblown, and I don’t want to join the hype, but clearly some people are taking Second Life virtual art pretty seriously. If you create and sell graphic centric products, you definitely want to keep an eye on what is happening there. Below you can see a video of Second Life’s Aho Museum opening. To my eyes, the objects range from pretty basic to pretty interesting. I’ll leave it to others to debate if it’s “art” or “illustration.”

(Both articles via artkrush)

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