An Eye on Fashion – From Your Desk

streetpeeperIf you sell products to consumers (I guess that takes in a few people), you’ll be interested in Street Peeper (via PSFK).  Street Peeper posts pictures of mostly young people and their clothes (despite the name) from the streets of, New York, Miami, Berlin, Seoul, Paris, and Chicago (with more coming). The photos are searchable by label, style, or color (it’s early in the life of the site so some searches may come up a bit empty). Fashion, yes, but consumer tastes as well. Clothes are a great paradox – personalized and uniform at the same time, although the younger the wearer the less likely he or she is to believe they’re wearing a uniform. To catch a clothing trend as it moves from the personal style of a few to the uniform of a demographic, can put a business on the developing end of an incredible profit opportunity. But clothing trends cross into other areas (and vice versa) so they never really develop in isolation and are relevant to any kind of design creation.

The interesting thing about sites like Street Peeper is how available it makes this kind of research. No need to spend hot days on city sidewalks people watching, now you can just click around Street Peeper. Too bad people watching is so much fun in person.

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