Hyperlocal Starts With a Map

The evidence continues to roll in that the gateway to hyperlocal news and information is the humble map. Once the bane of road tripping wives everywhere, more and more online information is accessed through a map interface. Two more cases in point are SpotCrime and a new feature on Google Earth.

SpotCrime is another entrant in the crime map sweepstakes although it makes a critical mistake by not accepting zip codes in the “Address Search” box. The site is a bit cheesy, but it’s mere existence as a national site suggests that it’s getting easier to pull in this kind of information all the time.

Google Earth, meanwhile, has begun plotting the location of Google’s continuously updated index of news stories. Once again, Google attacks local media organizations on their home turf. This must have been quite an undertaking for Google to plot stories worldwide, but it would be less so for local newspapers to plot their own local stories.

More and more, this seems to prove true: if you see a map, it’s local.

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