That’s No Way to Treat a Reader!

Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein discussed the financial crisis online last Wednesday. The chat transcript is here.

A better example of why people despise the media is hard to find. A few gems:

  • This is the kind of question that serves no useful purpose.
  • Nobody has been more critical of the practices of banks and Wall Street and brokers than I have, probably long before you were even focused on this issue, so I certainly don’t owe you any apology on that one. If you want to check, you’ll see I won a certain [Pulitzer] prize for that.
  • So I’d say on all four points, you are misinformed.
  • Thank God there is a mainstream media out there that actually does reporting and has people who understand thing, because if the flow of information and news to the American people were left solely to bloggers, we’d be in a big mess.
  • Obviously you’ve read one column and none of the dozens that preceeded it. Please do your homework before sharing your disgust.
  • It’s mostly the bloggers who have come in and, on this one, poisoned the conversation, as they are wont to do.

Kudos for having the conversation but, good heavens, get off your high horse!

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