The More Things “Change”…

The digerati politicati was giddy about all things changing after President Obama’s inauguration, with a Whitehouse blog providing key evidence that this would be a new governing era.  (For example, see here, here, and here.) So feeling like a boy heading to a new candy shop, I took a look at the Whitehouse blog, interested to learn a little bit about the inner workings and thoughts of the administration.

Well, how predictable was this: it consists of press releases posted by minions. Yesterday’s post is the text of Obama’s weekly address. (I suppose as a sign of change it’s no longer called the weekly “radio” address – that’s just so old fashioned. But who actually hears these things, anyway?) Now, even some of the “formerly giddy” are disappointed.

There is a lesson here, when even the masters of change have trouble changing – It’s never as easy as it looks.

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