New E-Voter Institute Book Explores the Internet’s Impact on Politics and Advocacy E-Voter Institute recently published About Face: The Dramatic Impact of the Internet on Politics and Advocacy. The book brings together the contributions of 20 industry insiders, including me, who cover best practices, case studies, and research that can help political strategists more clearly see the Internet options for reaching and persuading voters. I had the pleasure of contributing the chapter on the Flow of Information.

The presidential campaign of 2008 broke new ground in the candidates’ use of the Internet and social media for message delivery, organizing, and fundraising, and this book explores not only how it was done then, but how it will be done in the future. As Michael Bassik of Air America says on the cover, it’s the “…de facto bible for candidates, consultants and just about anyone interested in the Internet-driven, citizen-powered politics…”

The book is available online at Powell’s Books.

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