Two Points About the iPad

iPadAs consumers (and publishers) salivate over the coming launch of the iPad, it has been hailed as the savior of traditional publishers and criticized as a confusing consumer gadget looking for a way to fit in. I think there are two key points to be made:

  • The iPad is important because it provides a strong evolutionary and competitive push. Other e-reader manufacturers will soon catch up to the iPad’s features and the race will be on. The move beyond dully formatted and dreary black and white readers will begin a fast moving cycle of innovation that leads to the second point…
  • iPad like devices will give new life to quality content not because it will facilitate consumer subscriptions, but because it will bring back excitement and glamor to brand advertising. Exciting, glamorous advertising is premium advertising which is what is necessary for quality content to thrive.

Just as the buzz surrounding “content engines” seemed to suggest all was lost for well-written, intelligent, long-form content, the evolving e-reader platform may be just what is needed for a resurrection.

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