Targeted Advertising and the AT&T – Time Warner Merger

 A recent Axios Media Trends newsletter contained a confusingly written piece that ultimately obscured an important point. While the headline dealt specifically with programmatic advertising (“Moffett: Programmatic advertising won’t save everyone”), the item delved into targeted advertising CPMs, as if programmatic is the only wayto sell targeted ads. While noting that AT&T claims that the […]

A New Media Model Emerges

A new business model is emerging for media companies, consisting of a traditional core combined with a confederation of sites. Nate Silver‘s relationship with the New York Times and now with ESPN, and <re/code>‘s relationship with NBC and in it’s previous incarnation as AllThingsD with the Wall Street Journal, are examples. As more journalists decide to […]

Journalists: Brands Not Commodities

Reading about Glam Media’s “Facebook in a box for content creators” reminded me of Gene Weingarten’s article in the Washington Post a few weeks ago lamenting the deleterious effect of branding on journalism. The Glam tools, of course, exist to help its writers develop and build their own brands. What’s more, Glam believes that authors […]

News Comes “Full Circle”

The industry is being reshaped by technology—but by undermining the mass media’s business models, that technology is in many ways returning the industry to the more vibrant, freewheeling and discursive ways of the pre-industrial era. From The Economist

Tim Wu – Dangerous If Serious

Tim Wu, the Columbia Law School prof who coined the term “net neutrality” and current senior adviser at the FTC, was profiled in a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education. He quickly comes off just a bit too cute for his own good, ticking off every box on the hipster checklist – tattoos, […]

Do Journalists Really Beg for the Rope to Hang Themselves?

Discussing the Huffington Post in his February 13th Monday Note, Frédéric Filloux states that “original publishers are giving the ‘aggrelooter’ the rope it will use to hang them.” He was prompted to make this statement by a post on HuffPo by a staffer amusingly named Jason Linkins. In his post last week Linkins says: All day long, […]

Print Magazines Still Alive

The press release for Deloitte’s “State of the Media Democracy” survey contains three pretty amazing paragraphs about the state of print magazines. First this: According to the survey, since 2007 a consistent 70 percent of Americans state that they enjoy reading printed magazines even though they know that they could find most of the same […]

New Formats, New Methods, Better Brands

While there’s no denying the fact that online content producers must develop revenue legs other than advertising, there’s also no denying that advertising is not holding up it’s end of the bargain. The reasons are myriad from advertisers who measure branding advertising with direct response metrics to publishers who consign ads to web page “ad […]

Tablets: New Ad Formats Are Critical

Word came a few days ago that Crispin Porter + Bogusky is partnering with Bonnier for new tablet ad formats. I can’t imagine why it’s taken this long to focus on new ad formats, but surely it has to do with the content industry’s focus on subscription revenue. Tablet subscriptions have long been mistakenly seen […]

No Really, Why do Magazines Cost So Much on the iPad?

At least some readers are upset at the high prices magazine publishers are charging for iPad versions of their publications, while the publishers try to “see what the market will bear.” An AdAge article backs this up and goes on to state other reasons for the high prices: Publishers might be offering more aggressive iPad […]

Pay Walls Aren’t A Silver Bullet

All the talk about newspapers and other publishers charging for digital content is growing ever more tiresome. We’re left breathlessly waiting for the implementation of pay walls, as if their success means salvation for the content industry. Only it doesn’t. If these publications can retain a substantial portion of their audience (a big if), it […]

Apple Knows, People Want to be Led

In a recent New York Times article on Apple’s new iAds mobile advertising system, Steve Jobs delivered an interesting quote: ‘Search is not where it’s at’ on phones, he said. ‘People are not searching on a mobile device like they are on the desktop.’ A Google spokesman responded with some stats about the growth of […]

Two Points About the iPad

As consumers (and publishers) salivate over the coming launch of the iPad, it has been hailed as the savior of traditional publishers and criticized as a confusing consumer gadget looking for a way to fit in. I think there are two key points to be made: The iPad is important because it provides a strong […]

Virtual Book Party

Last month I participated in a virtual book party for the E-Voter Institute’s latest book, About Face: The Dramatic Impact of the Internet on Politics and Advocacy. Six fellow chapter authors and I discussed the new face of political and advocacy campaigns, trends to watch for in 2010 and 2012, and reaching the loyal base […]