Should You Put Your CEO in Your Ad Campaign?

Today I came across a story in Slate by Seth Stevenson wondering if it’s smart to put your CEO in your ad campaign. An earnest Stevenson gets quite analytical over the question, but I could’ve saved him some time. The answer is, For the love of God, no! So maybe this is one of my […]

Net Neutrality is in Danger of Being Sanctified

Have you ever tried suggesting, in a group setting, that you’re not sure all of those doomsday climate models are precisely accurate? Let me give you a tip – don’t! You’ll be viewed as a doubter, a naysayer, a heretic. People will wonder if you’re an oil company employee or if you’re just stupid, because […]

Stop Pretending To Be Unbiased

It seems to me that lately, the prescriptions for the future of news issued frequently by Internet celebrity (and not so celebrated) journalists and pundits have been including items on “truth.” Most recently, Dan Gillmor, in “Eleven Things I’d Do If I Ran a News Organization,” said, 6. We would refuse to do stenography and […]

Yahoo! Will Benefit From the Bing Deal

I just don’t understand why Yahoo! is taking so much criticism for it’s search deal with Microsoft. OK, so there were no “boatloads of money,” but does the share price decline mean that Yahoo!’s price had those boatloads baked into it? I guess so, which means that investors actually believed that money would appear – […]

The King is Dead, Long Live the … Wait a Minute…

Walter Cronkite’s death brought a flood of admiring quotes from journalists around the country and offered more evidence of why legacy media organizations have such a hard time with change. As the journalists wish for the days of an “authoritative voice,” most of their audience has long been celebrating the loss of those voices. Cronkite’s […]

The NCAA is Killing Rowing

Sports have such an enormous impact on our society that what happens in sports is often reflected in business and our broader culture. And often, when sports becomes a business, what happens in business is reflected in sports. The NCAA is a business, a big business, and big businesses often acquire smaller companies and products […]

Your Newest Competitor May be a Media Company

It’s been apparent for some time now, that brands are becoming direct competitors with media companies. Brands are bypassing the media altogether by creating content which they distribute directly to their customers. A recent example is Nestea’s upcoming foray into webisodes. Now, however, we see media companies getting set to turn the tables. On Junta42, […]

Technology For Freedom (And I’m Not Talking About Iran)

We’ve been inundated with stories on how Twitter enabled the protests in Iran. Around the same time we were reading about China’s proposed requirement that all computers sold in China come with the “GreenDam-Youth Escort” Internet filtering software. On the one hand technology seemed to help the cause of freedom, while on the other it […]

Journalists as Stars

Google News now allows users to search by author. With the exception of columnists, I think this is a relatively new desire. Not too long ago, readers cared about the newspaper – the brand – not the reporter. If the reporter was good enough to publish in, for example, the New York Times, that was […]

One Thing is Clear

“‘All content consumed will be digital…’” “…within 10 years all traditional content will be digital.” “‘There are problems with digital advertising.’” “The old approach of simply trying to replicate a print newspaper online is doomed to fail.” “For media businesses to successfully evolve they must provide the right combination of context and relevance to make […]