Personalized Race Results

In its most recent newsletter, PODi reports on RocketDog Racing’s use of personalized follow-up after the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon and the Door County Triathlon.  It featured a personalized postcard mailer and a customized Web site:

The postcard for the marathon featured an over-sized image of the runner’s bib number on the front. The back of the card included copy that thanked them for participating in the race and a Personalized URL for the runner. The URL led the participant to a personalized Web site that listed their race results. When the participant visited their personalized Web site, they were greeted by their name, their official finish time, and a finish line photo (and link to a gallery of their photos at the event photographer’s site.) They were also presented with a table outlining their mile and pace split times.

cgbmlogo.JPGDecades ago photographers began taking and selling pictures of competitors in all kinds of races.  (How can Mom not buy that picture of junior racing down the river in the Head of the Charles?)  Bib numbers provided the perfect means to identify participants.  Now, with the use of RFID tags, a large amount of data can be generated on each competitor, limited only by the cost of placing receivers along the course.  RocketDog’s mailer and Web site is a nice use of some of this data.  Athletes can be data obsessives, at least when it comes to their performance, and a web site with split times and pace plays right into this need.  The company reports that over 30% of participants visited the triathlon Web site.  Honestly, that seems low to me; I’d be on that site the moment I received the mailer.  It may be a bit more obvious here, but  this still serves as a reminder that customization and personalization affects every single business.

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