About Wheat From Chaff

Stemming from our agrarian roots, the phrase “separate the wheat from the chaff” describes a step in processing a wheat harvest in which the valuable wheat grains are separated from the worthless husks and stems. Wheat From Chaff will try to separate the valuable from the worthless while exploring the impact on business of trends and events in society, culture, and the economy.

“Wheat from chaff” is a forbear of the phrase “signal to noise.” The original expression is used here to show that while the world is changing rapidly around us, basic principles do not. The trick, of course, is to distinguish those unchanging basic principles from evolving consumer tastes, business models, and economic relationships.

Wheat From Chaff is published by Mark J. Davis, principal at advisory firm Juggling Wolves.

Personal website: www.markjdavis.com
Twitter: @mjdavis
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