Is Non-Profit News The Answer?

Another question raised in the Clay Shirky article is whether the salvation of news is in non-profit status.  People donate money to organizations they believe are consistent with their values. People who would donate to news organizations would do so because they believe those organizations would also be consistent with their values. Non-profit news organizations […]

Is A Journalism Degree Like An Education Degree?

Earlier this month on Clay Shirky wrote one of those “I told you so” pieces about the death of newspapers, to which one can only reply, “OK, we knew it then and we know it now, but what exactly do you suggest be done, Clay?” In the comments, though, AB3A talks about “specialized journalists,” which […]

How Overhyped is Twitter?

It’s difficult to read the writings of Future of News High Priests without coming across fawning pieces about Twitter. But now HubSpot has released its State of the Twittershpere report for Q4 2008, and it contained some interesting facts about Twitter users. Many of these facts can make it look like Twitter is on the […]


Harvard’s Berkman Center released Media Re:Public, a series of papers “exploring the potential and the challenges of the emerging networked digital media environment.” I’m just starting to work through its 168 pages, but the findings are summarized here. Perhaps the most obvious finding to those who think seriously about the media is the notion that […]

Single Sign-In Inches Closer

One of the problems that has long plagued the Web sites of legacy media companies has been the inability to offer users a single sign-in.  I don’t mean a single sign-in around the Web, I mean just a single sign-in on their own site.  Getting many different vendors and databases to play nicely with each […]

The Internet Newspaper

Of the many “NewNews” Web sites that have been launched over the past several years, The Huffington Post is one of the few (perhaps only) that actually provides something of a model for the future of news.  While most of these sites are pure aggregators, The Huffington Post, which began as a blog and therefore […]