Young People and News on the Web

In the winter edition of Nieman Reports Vivan Vahlberg of the Media Management Center at Northwestern University discusses her experiences with a focus group of 17 to 22 year-olds. Some good news emerges as this group “Trusted news about the election more from well-known news organizations than from other sources” and “Valued the expertise and […]

The Drumbeat Goes On

The paid content drumbeat continues with a recent article in Time by Walter Isaacson. After setting the stage by noting the strength of the newspaper content audience, more and more of whom get that content for free, he goes on to say, This is not a business model that makes sense. Perhaps it appeared to […]

The More Things “Change”…

The digerati politicati was giddy about all things changing after President Obama’s inauguration, with a Whitehouse blog providing key evidence that this would be a new governing era.  (For example, see here, here, and here.) So feeling like a boy heading to a new candy shop, I took a look at the Whitehouse blog, interested […]