Pittman on Local TV

In a recent interview on Video Nuze, Bob Pittman, former President and COO of America Online and a co-founder of MTV, explained why he likes (and why his Pilot Group is buying) broadcast TV stations. We have focused on small market television, where local advertising is the predominant revenue stream. We have done that because […]

Local Data vs. Information

While discussing EveryBlock with a colleague, he said that he was somewhat less than enamored with the site (and some others like it) because it really just provides data. He said that he doesn’t simply want data, but he wants to know what it means and why he should care. By way of a related […]

EveryBlock Launches

Today’s big news was the launch of EveryBlock. A product of a team of developers including wunderkind of the moment, Adrain Holovaty, the site launched to a great deal of fanfare. Covering Chicago, San Francisco, and New York (to start), EveryBlock provides local news and information down to the block level. The information comes from […]

Google Exploits First World Students!

We’ve been hearing for quite some time about the coming online gold rush driven by local advertising. Borrell Associates, for example, forecasts local online advertising to grow by 48% in 2008. For projections like these to prove true, however, those local advertisers need some encouragement. According to this story in the Wall Street Journal, newspapers […]