This is Journalism?

The term “mainstream media” is now a perjorative and a story published yesterday by the New York Times, which also went around the nation on the Times News Service, serves as the latest example why.  Referring to the trampling death of a Wal-Mart employee as well as the shooting deaths of two shoppers in a […]

No Problem More Pressing…

There is no problem more pressing for publishers with legacy print products than the drop in value of a reader as he moves from print to online. A few weeks ago Ari Rosenberg addressed this problem in a post on Media Post’s Online Publishing Insider. Noting the incredibly low CPMs ad networks bring, he made […]

Despite Shivers Down His Leg, Some Things Worth Thinking About

Umair Haque published a blog post yesterday on the Harvard Business Publishing web site which, despite being driven to some embarrassingly fawning prose by the author’s joy over Barack Obama’s election win, offers some food for thought. Entitled, Obama’s Seven Lessons for Radical Innovators, Haque suggests that Obama “is one of the most radical management […]

Collegiate Network Presentation

On October 24th I made a presentation on the Future of News to the Collegiate Network‘s Western Division Editors Conference in Scottsdale.  The gist of the talk was that a religion, complete with its own dogma, has been created around the news “conversation” and it’s beginning to lead us astray.  The problem is that the […]