A Little Mobile Phone Sanity

Over at Mobile Opportunity, Michael Mace writes about the mobile phone taking over the PC: It’s long been an article of faith for many mobile enthusiasts thatmobile phones are going to become the dominant means by which the humanrace deals with the internet. After quoting some of the voices saying just that, he lists two […]

Some Advice on Ads

Alan Jacobson at Brass Tacks Design has offered some advice to newspaper web sites (and by extension, content web sites) on how to make online ads work.  After listing everyone who hates online ads (the list includes, well, everyone), he offers two main suggestions: “Change the pricing model from CPM to CPC.” “Forget about the […]

The Music Industry Takes a New Tack

Just after I wrote about content subscriptions through ISPs, comes this story about the music industry’s latest revenue model. Perhaps the most prominent service offering unlimited downloads has been Comes With Music, which was introduced in Britain last fall by Nokia, the world’s largest maker of cellphones. It lets users download as many songs as […]

More on Paid Content

Just a few days after I wondered Who Will Pay for news, comes Henry Blodget suggesting that the New York Times should consider charging for web subscriptions. Commenting on the NYT’s response to Michael Hirschorn’s slightly hysterical Atlantic article on the likelihood of a Times bankruptcy, Blodget lists three things the Times should do: Cut […]

This is Good News…

… but not the entire story.  The good news is LA Times editor Russ Stanton’s declaration that “the paper’s online advertising revenue is now sufficient to cover the Times’s entire editorial payroll, print and online.” The Guardian column provides several caveats, and I’ll assume we need to take Stanton at his word – that the […]

Who Will Pay?

Knowledge@Wharton has published an article listing several options for news business models.  There’s nothing new here, but it does offer a summary of 5 options: The Philanthropic Route – “…in Minneapolis, San Diego and a number of other cities, laid-off newspaper staffers have turned to charitable sources to underwritereporting for new online ventures.” The Niche […]