Journalists as Stars

Google News now allows users to search by author. With the exception of columnists, I think this is a relatively new desire. Not too long ago, readers cared about the newspaper – the brand – not the reporter. If the reporter was good enough to publish in, for example, the New York Times, that was […]

One Thing is Clear

“‘All content consumed will be digital…’” “…within 10 years all traditional content will be digital.” “‘There are problems with digital advertising.’” “The old approach of simply trying to replicate a print newspaper online is doomed to fail.” “For media businesses to successfully evolve they must provide the right combination of context and relevance to make […]

What Kind of Journalist Works for Free?

In a recent Folio article, Dan Blank makes a list of concepts he’s gleaned from attending three recent “Future of…” panels. The list looks like this: Broadcast media is dead. Print revenue is supporting online strategies. Media companies need to rethink their roles and make hard choices. There is a huge opportunity for journalists. The […]

Journalism Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, Microsoft program manager Dare Obasanjo posted this image to Twitter. The image is pretty self-explanatory, but it really sums up what’s been happening to nearly all newspaper and content sites as they’ve worshipped the high priests of the “new journalism.” The old, longer article is replaced with a top-ten list because we’re told to […]

The End of the Eyewitness Interview

Thinking about the Iranian election coverage, and the MSM’s difficulty with it, brings to mind an obvious rule: if an event makes you want to interview an eyewitness, forget it, you’re toast. Now eyewitnesses are also known as “the first reporters on the scene.” Your hope is to go in search of their reports and […]

The Revolution [May] Be Televised

The post-election protests in Iran are big news worldwide, but the US media seems strangely slow to take up the story. The information flow, however, highlights both the risks and opportunities for traditional media. Most information on the protests is coming from social media sites. Twitter, as usual, is gushing with information and rumors (#iranelection). […]

Should Branded Content = Premium CPMs?

Mice in the front door and elephants out the back.  This is the picture painted by media executives when discussing the advertising revenue problems they face. An ever increasing inventory of display advertising has driven down CPMs making the possibility that online ad revenue could ever come close to matching offline revenue seem remote. While […]