In The Advertising Business

Through Steve Boriss’ blog, The Future of News, I read Terry Heaton’s post on the real business of media companies – advertising. After discussing the missed opportunities of railroads due to their failure to recognize their true business, he suggests the same is true of media executives who think of themselves as being in the […]

No Comments on News Stories?

Sheila McClear just published a post on Gawker suggesting that newspapers should eliminate comments on story pages. Comments are thought to be an added value to a newspaper’s site—providing another reason to read. You come for the article, and stay for the interesting discussion. The only problem is, there is no interesting discussion. Almost never. […]

Wikipedia Moves (Barely) Toward Editors

A few months ago I wrote about a Kevin Kelly post on editors vs. the hive mind, in which he talked about the “elite center” of Wikipedia. His point was that even the internet’s most cited example of the hive mind has some design to it, and that content winners will ultimately be some combination […]

A New Look at the Long Tail

Earlier this summer, Anita Elberse published a review of the Long Tail theory in the Harvard Business Review. Elberse concludes that: Although no one disputes the lengthening of the tail (clearly, more obscure products are being made available for purchase every day), the tail is likely to be extremely flat and populated by titles that […]