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On October 24th I made a presentation on the Future of News to the Collegiate Network‘s Western Division Editors Conference in Scottsdale.  The gist of the talk was that a religion, complete with its own dogma, has been created around the news “conversation” and it’s beginning to lead us astray.  The problem is that the religion’s high priests are focusing on the dogma to the exclusion of the future business model, solving real problems, but not those that are most critical.  This dogma is old now, and largely accepted by the industry.  Yes, there are disagreements over understanding, implementation, and speed, but the early battles are largely won.  Yet we still haven’t figured out the business model. I posit that the three puzzles we need to solve to truly bring news into the future are those of Relevance, Distribution, and Profit.

My presentation is below, although the slides alone don’t quite convey the full meaning.

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